Over 25 Years of Local IT Support Bristol

About Us

Cannard Computing was established in 1979 to provide software development and systems analysis services and since 1992 has been providing IT support for small to medium businesses in and around the Bristol, Somerset and Gloucestershire areas.

Why Should I Choose Cannard?

“Cannard have worked closely with us for more than 10 years to ensure we are never left behind and are at the forefront of change. IT is not something that always runs, Cannard have worked very hard to ensure the smooth running of our business at all times” - Steve Harris, Abode Property Management

When you use us for your PC, server and network support you’ll get fast, friendly and efficient service.  When you call us with your problems you won’t be given a ticket or put in a queue on hold as we do our best to solve most problems straight away. We don’t employ a sales team so you’ll never be pestered to buy products or services you don’t need, just honest advice on what would be good for your business.



Chris has been at Cannard Computing since the last century.  As a certified Sophos Architect Chris is the go-to guy for anti-virus, firewall and security products.  Away from work Chris enjoys playing guitar, going to gigs and drinking really old whisky.



Hassan started working for Cannard Computing back in 2002, and never got round to leaving. He’s our resident expert for all things Microsoft Cloud. An avid fan of movies and books, he also likes to eat out, and never orders the same thing twice. Weird, right?



Naya has been with Cannard’s for over a decade, so he’s either really loyal, or can’t find anyone else who’ll have him. He brings a lot of experience to the table, and is especially good at thinking outside the box to find a solution. His hobbies include movies and badminton.



The latest addition to the team, James provides excellent desktop and server support.  In a bid to keep an air of mystery about him, James won’t tell us what he gets up to out of work, but we do know it usually involves tequila.  We also know he has a cat.