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At Cannard Computing we stick to what we do best, providing your business with the IT support it needs.  We want to see you get the best services possible and we feel that is better done along side our range of trusted service partners.  Working closely with them we can arrange services such as phone lines, land line and VoIP based phone systems, website design and hosting services.

“With the help of Cannard we have completely transformed our IT systems, from slow and unreliable to fast, efficient and user friendly. We have found Cannard to be very professional, and highly responsive to our support needs.” - Poppy Brett, Life Cycle UK

Network Security

Offsite Backup

We provide our customers with optional offsite backup services at competitive prices.  From just a few critical data folders to multi-server disaster recovery strategies, we’ll have a plan that fits your needs. By hosting the backups on our own locally accessible servers we can also provide faster server recovery times than if your backup was held in a data centre the other side of the globe.

Give us a ring for more information on how we can safeguard your data.

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A poor internet connection can drastically slow your business down; not to mention being outright irritating. With the range of broadband options we can provide, you are sure to get the best connection available to your business. Whether you need a standard reliable line, or a speedy 1000Mbps connection that’ll serve hundreds of users, we can advise you on what your best option is, and set it up for you. Just pick up the phone, and we’ll have a chat about how we can get you online.

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Network Cabling

Cannard Computing has an experienced team, able to provide your business with the cabling infrastructure it requires. Whether it be standard ethernet cabling or supporting your organisation with a super-fast fibreoptic backbone, we have the capabilities to do it for you. Give us a ring and we can have a chat about getting your premises connected.

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Structured Cabling Design
Copper Ethernet Cabling
Speedy Fibre Optic Backbones
Network Testing & Certification